“A Writer Who Waits for Ideal Conditions Under Which to Work Will Die Without Putting a Word on Paper” E. B. White

rod two





I’ve got nothing…

It’s been weeks, yet still nothing…

It’s Saturday.

I am still in bed.

No ideas….no words….nothing comes to me.

Normally I am up early but today I don’t feel like getting up.

Suddenly my cell phone rings, it’s  Alexa calling to do a video call.

Yikes! I am still in bed, my hair looks like a rendition of an early 70’s Rod Stewart bad hair day!
I guess you can stay in bed, but nowadays you can’t hide.

Christian, my almost 9 month old grandson, is demonstrating his new ability to say and wave “bye.”  It is precious. But then we have to say “bye” for real and it is over way too soon.

Now I am still in bed…

I still have nothing…

I remind myself creativity takes time, you have to clear your mind.
But how can I?
I have work, I have worries, I have responsibilities, I have a family.

It is believed that John wrote the Book of Revelations while exiled on the Isle of Patmos.
And Nelson Mandela wrote “Conversations with Myself” while in prison.

I can just imagine it:

“Kim, I think I am going to take off for four months, go to an island, and write my book”

“Sure you are….now can you take out the garbage?”


“Kim, I think I am going to go rob the Walgreen’s so that I can go to prison where I will write my book”

“Okay honey, just remember we are serving Communion next Sunday in church”

Ah but maybe I am just thinking about this too much.
Maybe I just need to get out of bed and take out the garbage.
Something is bound to come to me sooner or later.

Written sometime in the early afternoon, Saturday March 5, in my truck while parked at the Fairfax County Solid Waste Recycling Center (AKA, The Dump) where I took out the garbage.

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